About Us

EPSMY Journey

Here at #EPSMY, we are as wild about animals as our customers are. #EPSMY is founded in 2018 by a group of reptiles enthusiast who has more than 10 years of experience in breeding and collecting exotic pets ranging from reptiles, amphibians and mammals. #EPSMY has quickly earn a spot at The Summit Subang, Malaysia and Mixt Chatuchak Mall Bangkok, Thailand as the to-go exotic pets store for everything to take care of your exotic animals. Due to the overwhelming support from customers around Klang Valley, EPSMY expands steadily with another outlet at a hot spot in Emporis, Kota Damansara in 2021. With our passion and knowledge about the exotics, we are very eager to share them with people who has the same passion as us. This is how we started our first step into the exotics industry, from a physical store to an online store so everyone could get an excess to in any form of ways. Our dream is to educate and bring passionate exotic lovers nearer to them, from understanding how they feel to what they like.

What Made EPSMY The Best Reptiles Experience Store


We hold a proper license obtained from CITES and fully adhere to the Malaysian Wild Life Protection and Sanctuary Act from PERHILITAN.


One click into #EPSMY and easily meeting more than 100 species of these wonderful animals including iguana, bearded dragon, gecko, snake or even a tarantula.


We only carry imported and local premium quality animals, with proper and ethical captive breeding, to give you a healthy and tame pets.


We are pet experts with full knowledge of all these beautiful creatures, contact our customer support for any advise on your pets, we will guarantee they will get the best care advises from us.


We are responsible for your pets even after sale, free return if your pets are not feeling great in their new environment.


We offers instalment plan to help you who have the passion for the exotics, but tight in the pocket.

Our Vision

#EPSMY have a vision to be the only ONE-STOP pet shop, providing various services to pet owners, not only to exotics, but any type of pets existed. We are always open to accept questions regarding to your pets, to make sure your pets are at their healthiest and happiest state. We would always remind you to do proper research before committing on an animal, from the living environment to your financial state. We always believe all lives deserve equally, your sincerest responsibility is the best support you can ever provide #EPSMY as a motivation to make our vision comes true.

Our Happy Review